Prof. Abbas Bazargan

Prof. Abbas Bazargan

Department of Educational Management and Planning,
Faculty of Psychology and Education,
University of Tehran,
I.R of Iran
Email: abbas.bazargan @

آشنايی با دکتر عباس بازرگان هرندی بنيانگذار آمار آموزش عالی

A. Educational Background

1. B.S. Mathematics, University of Tehran, Tehran, 1960-1964

2. Certificate in Applied Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta (India), 1965

3. M.S. Mathematical Statistics, University of Tehran, Tehran, 1964-1966

4. Graduate Studies in Statistics, University of Chicago, Chicago (USA), 1967-1968

5. Diploma in Educational Planning, IIEP/UNESCO, Paris, 1972

6. Ph.D. Educational Research, University of Pittsburgh, PA (USA), 1972-1974.
B. Teaching and Research Interests

B.1 Teaching

1. Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research in the Behavioural Sciences

2. Statistical Methods in Education

3. Sampling Theory and Applications in the Behavioural Sciences

4. Educational Evaluation

B.2. Research Interests

1.Quality Assurance in Higher Education

2. Access and Participation in Higher Education

3. Transition from School to Work / Entrepreneurship

4.E-learning and Distance Education

5. Pedagometrics

C. Recent Major Publications / Papers

1) Journal articles and Papers

Bazargan,A.(2011). An Introduction to Qualitative and Mixed Method Research.(2nd edn.),Tehran:Didar

Bazargan, A. (2010). Organization Development for Internal and EXternal Quality Assessment of Higher Education at the Institutional and System Level in Iran: A Second Look. Paper Presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of Internal Evaluation for Quality Improvement of University Systems. University of Tehran(UT) and UNESCO Chair in Maagement, Planning and Quality Assurance in Higher Education( IEUS-2010), 26th April, 2010, Tehran. Tehran: UT-Center for University Quality Assessment.

پژوهش كمي يا كيفي؟ در گفتگو با دكتر عباس بازرگان – کتاب ماه کلبات 147، اسفند1388 (Interview on Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods)

Bazargan, A. ; Mousavi,A. (2010) .Generic Themes for Developing Research Skills through e-Learning: A Case Study from Iran. In Siran Mukerji & Purnendu Tripathi (Eds.). Cases on Transnational Learning and Technologically Enabled Environments.(pp. 344-358). Hershey, PA : IGI Global . (DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-749-7.ch019).

Bazargan,A. et al. (2009).Internal Evaluation and Intra-External Evaluation: The Case of Department of Philosophy of Education, University of Tehran.Quarterly Journal of Research in Educational Systems.
2(5), 49-73.

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بازرگان، عباس (1388). چگونگی ارزشیابی برنامه‌های درسی میان‌رشته‌ای. فصلنامه مطالعات میان رشته ای در علوم انسانی، دروه 1، شماره 3،مردار 1388

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Bazargan, A. (2008).Assuring e-Learning Quality through Educational Measurement and Evaluation. Proceedings of 3rd e-Learning Conference ,Tehran, December 24-25, 2008. Tehran: K.N.T. University of Technology.(in Persian)

Bazargan, A. ; Eshaghi, F. ( 2008). Analysis of Goal-Setting Process in Internal Quality Assessment of University Departments: A case study. Journal of Studies in Education and Psychology ( Ferdowsi University of Mashad).9(1),57-72.

Bazargan,A.(2008). A Proposal for Establishing “Iran Universities Quality Network.” Computer Report ( Journal of Informatics Society of Iran),180, 24-27. (in Persian)

Bazargan, A. (2007). Inclusive Learning Friendly Environment: A case of educational innovation and its applications in achieving Education for All (EFA) goals. Journal Psychology and Education. 37(2),47-63.

Bazargan, A. (2007). Problems of Organizing and Reporting Internal and External Evaluation in Developing Countries: The case of Iran. Quality in Higher Education,13(3),207-214.

Bazargan, A. (2007).Institutional Building for Higher Education Quality Evaluation in Iran: From Ideals to Reality. Proceedings of the Third Conference of Internal Evaluation for University Quality Improvement.29th Oct., 2007, University College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran(U.T.). (pp 6-10). Tehran: U.T. Center for University Quality Assessment.
Farasatkhah, M.; Bazargan, A. ; Ghazi- Tabatabaie, M. ( 2007). Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Quality Assurance Systems: Dimensions of similarity and diversity in the Global experiences. Quarterly Journal of Research and Planning in Higher Education,44(Summer),1-19.
Bazargan, A. (2006). Self-Evaluation for University Quality Improvement: A glance at a decade of experience in Iran. Proceedings of the Second Conference of Internal Evaluation for University Quality Improvement: The case of Tehran University, 15th May, 2006, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Tehran.Tehran:State Organization for Educational Evaluation.(in Persian)

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Bazargan, A. (2005).Quality Assurance in Statistics Education: From Self-Evaluation to Accreditation. Paper Presented at the 55th Session of the International Statistical Institute.Sydney, 5-12, April, 2005.

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Bazargan, A. (2003). Program vs. Institutional Evaluation in Higher Education: Lessons Learned from a National Quality Assurance Project in Iran. Paper Presented at The Biennial Conference Of the International Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), Dublin, Ireland, 14-17, April.

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Bazargan,A.(1999).Pedagometrics and its Applications in Improving the Quality of Education. Journal of Psychology and Education(University of Tehran),New Series,2(1-4):1-26.

(A complete list of journal articles/papers which includes about 60 titles is available and would be provided on request.)


2) Books

Bazargan,A. (2009). Educational Evaluation (Revised Edition). (7th ed.). Tehran: SAMT

Bazargan, A. (2009). An Introduction to Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research. Tehran: Didar Pub.( In Persian)

Bazargan, A. (2008). Educational Evaluation (Concepts, Models and Operational Process). ( 6th edn.) Tehran: SAMT. (In Persian)

Bazargan, A.; Sarmad, Z.; Hedjazi, A. (2008).Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences. (15th edn.) Teharn: Agah Pub. (In Persian)

Hedjazi, Y.; Bazargan, A.; Eshaghi, F. (2008).Step-by-Step Guide to Slef-Evaluation of Quality at University Systems. Tehran: University of Tehran Press.(In Persian)

Brower, E.W. et al. (2001). Moving to online learning: Transition from Traditional Instruction and Communication Strategies. Translated into Persian by F. Mashayekh and A. Bazargan (2004). Tehran: Agah Pub.

Bazargan, A. (2004).Action Research Method. In R.Saki(Ed.). Action

Research (Theory and Practice).Tehran: Institute of Educational Research.

Bazargan, A.; Sarmad, Z.; Hedjazi, A. (2004).Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences. ( 10th edn.) Teharn: Agah Pub. (In Persian)

Kaufman, R.; Herman, J. Strategic Planning in Education. Translated into Persian by F. Mashayekh and A. Bazargan (1995). Tehran: Madraseh Pub.

Elzy, F. A Programmed Introduction to Statistics. Trans. By A. Bazargan (1987) Tehran: Iran University Press.

Bhola, H. S. Educational Evaluation and Its Application in Adult Literacy. Translated by A. Bazargan (1983). Iran University Press.

(A complete list of books authored or translated by A. Bazargan, which includes 15 titles, is available and would be provided on request.)

D. Boards Membership

1. Research Council, Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education,Tehran (IRPHE)

2.UNESCO Chair in Management, Planning and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, IRPHE, (Chairperson)

3. Higher Ed. Evaluation Board, Member and Evaluation Adviser, State Organization for Educational Evaluation

E. Editorial Board Membership

1. Higher Education Policy ,The Quarterly Journal of the International Association of Universities, Paris( 2000-2007)

2. Journal of Psychology and Education (The Quarterly Journal of Faculty of Psych. & Ed., University of Tehran)

3. Quarterly Journal of Education (Institute of Education, Tehran)

4. Quarterly Journal of Research and Planning in Higher Education (Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education).

F. Consulting

– UNESCO Tehran Office, Educational Research Consultant

– International Labour Organization/United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Chief Technical Adviser on Manpower and Labour Statistics (Gambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Indonesia).

– UNDP Adviser on Evaluation of Training Projects, Sudan.

– International Bureau of Education/UNESCO Consultant on Ed. Research.

G. In the Press

1 – GEM Iran celebrates the recognition of it’s Team Members: A Tribute To Professor Abbas Bazargan, (GEM Iran Team Leader), Founder Of The Statistical Initiative In Iran’s Higher Education System [20/05/2009]

2-نکوداشت دکتر عباس بازرگان هرندی ( بنيانگذار آمار آموزش عالی) [2009/04/28 – 1388/2/8]

3- مراسم نکوداشت “عباس بازرگان هرندي” بنيانگذار آمار آموزش عالي ايران امروز (سه شنبه ) همزمان با افتتاح پورتال آمار ثبتي آموزش عالي کشور در محل وزارت علوم برگزار شد [2009/04/28 – 1388/2/8]
4- آشنايی با بنيانگذار آمار آموزش عالی[2009/04/28 – 1388/2/8]