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Guidelines for designing teaching and learning for a digital age (Tony Bates, 2016)

Teaching in higher education in 2015, and beyond, requires a new approach because of changes in the economy and changes in technology.  Faculty and instructors are continually facing questions such as how do I effectively teach an increasingly diverse student population, how do I engage and support my students as class sizes increase, how do I use multi-media and other resources to build a high quality course, and a host of other questions. Drawing on his 40+ years of experience in higher education in Canada and around the world, Contact North | Contact Nord Research Associate Dr. Tony Bates has authored a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that answers these questions and many, many more all in a single location. Through 12 informative chapters, Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Teaching and Learning answers your questions and provides helpful guidance and suggestions on a host of topics including:

  • How do I decide whether my courses should be campus-based, blended or fully online?
  • What strategies work best when teaching in a technology-rich environment? What methods of teaching are most effective for blended and online classes?
  • How do I make choices among all the available media, whether text, audio, video, computer, or social media, in order to benefit my students and my subject?
  • How do I maintain quality of teaching, learning, and resources in a rapidly changing learning environment?
  • What are the real possibilities for teaching and learning using MOOCs, OERS, open textbooks?

While understanding and respecting the individual nature of teaching, Tony talks theory, options, best practices, point-by-point strategies – offering clear, practical, and actionable advice and guidance based on research and extensive professional experience in 30 countries.

Pick one chapter or read them all – you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Teaching and Learning is available as a free, online open textbook which you can read online, download to your tablet or computer, or print, either in sections or as a whole.

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Newcomers or Experienced in Online Learning

By Contact North | Contact Nord Research Associate, Dr. Tony Bates

Interested in what works and what does not work in online learning?
Want to know the basics to save time and develop better courses from scratch?
Keen to ground your teaching in the latest research on online learning?

Contact North | Contact Nord’s Research Associate, Dr. Tony Bates, provides a succinct introduction to faculty and instructors about whether or not to get involved in online teaching in the first place. And how to do it well.

These ten short guides are drawn from his 517-page bestseller, Teaching in a Digital Age, which has over 40,000 downloads as an open textbook and is available in seven languages.

Dr. Bates draws from his 40 years’ experience in teaching online and at a distance, best practices from around the world and extensive research in online learning.

Download The 10 Fundamentals of Teaching Online for Faculty and Instructors (link is external).

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